A total of 21 Larks braved the breezy forecast on the weekend of the 8-9 September to take part in the Cartoon Trophy at Waldringfield

A total of 21 Larks braved the breezy forecast on the weekend of the 8-9 September to take part in the Cartoon Trophy at Waldringfield.

Saturday’s races were sailed in a gusty north westerly Force 4. The first race on Saturday started up river from the club with a mildly port-biased line. Dougal and Nigel Scott came well off the port end, as did Ian and Alison Videlo. But it was the Scotts who got to the first mark first, and they went on to extend their lead to take first place. The battle for second was between Emma Harris and Helen Woodward and the Videlos. Though Harris / Woodward always looked threatening, it was the Videlos who took second.

After lunch the second race was sailed in the early ebb, making the beats against the tide but the water a little flatter. The course was a three-lap triangle around the island. This time Harris / Woodward came cleanly off the starboard end of the line to lead at the top mark, with the Scotts four lengths behind. The Scotts gybed inside at the next mark to take the lead, and extended it by holding their kite for the breezy tight reach on the next lap. Again the battle was between Harris / Woodward and the Videlos for second, but this time it was Harris / Woodward who finished second, holding off the Videlos.

Waldringfield put on a meal and disco for the Saturday night, and it was a weary fleet that turned out for the 1030 start the next day. The breeze had built to a Force 5, and it was low water. The course was effectively a slalom windward / leeward up and down the river. The Scotts again built up a good lead, chased early on by the Videlos, before the Videlos were forced to retire due to breakage. However, on the very breezy last lap the Scotts sailed for the wrong bottom mark, causing them to have to drop their kite and sail back up to the mark. They were then neck-and-neck with Matt White and Clare La Forge in first, and Chris and Cathy Fish in third. First, second and third were separated only by a couple of lengths. White / La Forge covered hard on the final beat to take first, with the Scotts second and the Fish duo third.

By the final race the breeze had built to a Force 6, and some of the fleet opted to stay ashore. This time White / La Forge led from the first mark, down a very fast and exciting off-wind leg. However, on the second lap they capsized, allowing Fish through finally to take the race. Second went to Geoff Sinton and Fiona Gray, with Woodward / Harris in third.

Overall Results

1st Dougal and Nigel Scott – 4 pts

2nd Emma Harris and Helen Woodward – 8 pts

3rd Matthew White and Clare La Forge – 9 pts

4th Chris and Cathy Fish – 10 pts

5th Geoff Sinton and Fiona Gray – 12 pts

6th Ian and Alison Videlo – 16 pts