The 2002 annual Lark open meeting at Rock Sailing Club this weekend (4-5 May) attracted the biggest fleet for some years

The 2002 annual Lark open meeting at Rock Sailing Club this weekend (4-5 May) attracted the biggest fleet for some years. Thirty two boats entered for what were to prove to be three days of almost ideal conditions. Six races were completed over the series, ultimately won by Emma Harris, crewed by Rock SC member, Becky Priest.

Day one dawned to brilliant sunshine and a light breeze and Race Officer Stan Lennox opted to race in the bay at the mouth of the Camel Estuary. Pathfinder for the first race was Dougal Scott crewed by Nigel Scott in Ermintrude who took advantage of the opportunity to take the lead and retain it for the whole of the race. Richard and Jenny Bennett in Busta Gonad were second while Alan Krailing and Kerry Ryan took third place and were nominated pathfinder for race two. The wind freshened for the start of the race which was to be dominated by Harry Pynn crewed by Oliver Woolgar in Kiss my Face II who stretched out a substantial lead on the first lap and extended it during the race.

The second day again produced idyllic weather with a freshening breeze. Race three pathfinder Emma Harris was the eventual winner with Richard Dowsett and Ruth Johnson in Fancy Liquer second, and Paul and Vicky Gardner in Drama Queen in third place. Race four was held in a pleasant Force 3, with Paul Gardner as pathfinder in a race which was to see yet another boat in first place with Jonathan Fish at the helm crewed by Jane Alexander in Camembert. Richard Dowsett and Emma Harris again featured among the leading boats, taking second and third places respectively. Day three saw a change in the weather. It was overcast and chilly although the wind was a light. Any one of the leading group from the previous races was in with a chance of winning the series. In the event Emma Harris took the race five honours, followed by Dougal Scott and Richard Dowsett. Race six would be the decider for overall winner and, by claiming third place, Emma Harris demonstrated that consistent sailing over the series paid off. Dougal Scott took first place in the last race followed by Richard Dowsett.

Overall Results

1st Emma Harris and Becky Priest 2311 Bomber

2nd Dougal and Nigel Scott 2347 Ermintrude

3rd Richard Dowsett and Ruth Johnson 2331 Fancy Liquer

4th Alan Krailing and Kerry Ryan 2304

5th Harry Pynn and Oliver Woolgar Kiss my Face II

6th Nigel Hufton and Ed McArdle 2470 Tiger