French yachtswoman Karinne Fauconnier takes an early lead in the first day's racing

Just a little over three miles separate first and last place in terms of distance to finish. However, the lateral gap has built over the course of the first four hours to show Frenchwoman Karinne Fauconnier (Eric Bompard Cachemire) leading on the most northern route averaging 7.9 knots whilst Yohann Richomme (DLBC) positions him closest to the Cotentin coastline, and has just 4.1.

The majority of the fleet has opted for a course midway and slightly closer to shore. Right now those positioned furthest offshore are enjoying slightly stonger breeze, but are distancing themselves from the direct route. We will have to see if the gamble pays off.

Adrien Hardy (Agir Recouvrement), third at the Radio France mark, commented: “The start went quite well for me and I am pretty happy. It means I get a good start and am in my own rhythm. It was a bit light in terms of breeze but I was on the right side for the start, let’s hope it continues that way!”

“I have pretty much stuck to the tiller and I know that that is possibly not the best thing to do as I am going to have to get a bit of rest. Conditions on the water are a bit complex with very fluckey winds. Just ten metres away there is not a puff. Those closer to shore earlier had a bit of a struggle. There is loads of seaweed, so the routine of getting rid of it has started. I am also looking ahead to how to work the turning tide due around 20:00.”

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