Robin Knox-Johnston hopes he'll be in Fremantle in two days depending on weather 26/12/06

Aboard Saga Insurance during the Velux 5 Oceans Race
Log dateTuesday 26 December 2006
PositionLatitude 33 04 South Longitude 109 27 East
Miles To Fremantle289 nm
Distance In 24 Hours172.6 nm
Average In 24 Hours7.19 knots

I am sitting here with the clearest head I have had on a Boxing Day for years, and my liver wondering how much longer this holiday is going to last. For those of you suffering let me tell you this unusual sober situation is not all it is made out to be. I would not add abstemious Christmases to my list of recommendations for the future.

Well, the wind has freed us a bit as it has veered to south of east, but I still cannot sail Saga Insurance directly for Freo so the distance I have to sail is more like 420 miles. That’s at least two days at present progress maybe three. Losing that weather programme means I do not know whether to bias north or south of Freo from here either as I have no idea what weather is coming. It could go northerly, southerly or westerly or just stay where it is but in the meantime we take what we have.

Unai (Basurko) is 1,200 miles behind me but reckons to finish in five days, which indicates he expects favourable winds all the way in, so as he closes in my weather should get better.

The sun is shining, the sea has turned blue, it is warming up so off will come the southern ocean Henri Lloyd warm clothing to be replaced by shorts and I can start to build up a sun tan on exposed arms and legs in readiness for Freo.. The usual chores are completed like baling out the sail locker, checking the fuel day tank, checking the deck and if opportunity allows I shall work on the battens again. I had a day free of them yesterday because conditions did not allow, and since the wind is up it may not be possible today either but I need that extra sail area available.