Here's the response from on board Cheyenne about claims that their Jules Verne attempt is not valid

We were forwarded an excerpt from Scuttlebut regarding the record we are trying to set. The gist of it was that Regis Rassouli, secretary of the Jules Verne Association, had objected to the use of the words Jules Verne, with reference to the record we are trying to set. Apparently, to compete for the Jules Verne Trophy, you have to have joined the Jules Verne Club, which has an annual subscription fee of E30,000 for new members, and E11,000 thereafter. Charter members of the Club are Titouan Lamazou, Florence Arthaud, and a few other French sailing types who were in the bar when this idea occurred. It makes me laugh, because as I remember it, the French off track betting shop, PMU, came up with the idea of offering a million euros to anyone who would break the around the world record. This notion that you could sail around the world and make it pay was music to the ears of underfunded circumnavigators. Me, for one. But for Florence and Titiouan, the first riding high on the tide of public opinion, the second on a flood of de-fisc tax funny money, this was a desecration of the moral ideal of a sailor, and they raised such a fuss that poor old PMU withdrew their offer and left the field to the zealots.

Both tides ebbed before these two could make any sort of attempt on the record, but flotsam remained in the form of this trophy. After a lull, Bruno Peyron sparked interest with his splendid 80 day effort. Others followed, and this year there are no less than three maxi’s vying for the RTW record. So how about this entry fee? Over the years, RTW competitors have paid varying and nominal amounts of money to be eligible to receive the JV trophy. But last year the Club scored a windfall by successfully stinging Ellen MacArthur’s Kingfisher sponsor for E30,000. Are they just increasing prices in response to demand? Fair enough, and if you actually break the record you get your name on the trophy, and probably a glass of champagne at the Paris YC. Anyway, the funny thing is that the charter JV Club members, totally negative on allowing the challenge to be sponsored, are evidently keen on the idea of getting a return on their intellectual property by taxing potential contenders. Unfortunately, when Hernan Magellan Arthaud, Bartolomeo Diaz Lamazou, and Vasco de Gama Peyron were out establishing the RTW franchise, they were unable to land exclusive rights, so you can still actually sail an RTW course for free, if you want to save on the frills. Or, buy us a couple of pints, (the whole crew, that is), and we may let you start at the Cheyenne RTW start line at Le Stiff lighthouse. This is just a few miles east of the higher priced real estate at the JV start. It’s cheaper, you still get the official WSSC record, and you get six miles more racing for your money.