The Jubilee Sailing Trust boatmatch 500 Race will take place this July

The Jubilee Sailing Trust has teamed up with to reinstate the boatmatch 500 race which aims to bring sailors and runners together for an action-packed race around the Channel.

The race is open to multihulls and monohulls over 30ft and the boats will have at least two runners as part of their crew, as the race will cover 180 miles of sailing and 50 miles of running. Race organiser John Harding says; ” the JST boatmatch 500 race is a fun event, it brings people from two sports together for a charitable cause and a good weekend.”

The route will involve a series of short races around the Channel (Hamble-Alderney-Swanage-Weymouth-Yarmouth-Hamble) and crews will race for the much coveted trophy of a silver plated docksider.

This year’s JST boatmatch 500 Race will be held from 10-13 July 2003 with the JST’s tall ship Tenacious starting the race from Weymouth on the 13 July.

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