A new boat has been built to replace the new JS 9000 that went missing on its way from Australia to Dusseldorf Boat Show

The new, John Swarbrick-designed 30ft JS 9000 sportsboat will be at next week’s Dusseldorf Boat Show despite a few logistical problems.

According to Paul Burnham at Swarbrick Yachts International in Australia, ‘The boat nearly didn’t make it. The container was transferred to the wrong ship in Singapore and is now on the high seas heading for another part of the world.’ But for the boys at Swarbrick Yachts this was not a problem, together with Danzas, they managed to complete a new (display) yacht in just 32 hours and it’s now on its way, on the back of a truck across Australia, for priority freighting to Germany.

For more information on the JS 9000 head for the Dusseldorf Boat Show or contact Paul Burnham, Swarbrick Yachts International, Perth, Australia.