Francis Joyon has announced that he is to attempt the solo transatlantic and 24 hour records

Francis Joyon, whose partnership with IDEC has just been renewed through 2006, is getting ready for the 2005 season, which will begin with an attempt at the North Atlantic record between New York and The Lizard. To try to beat Laurent Bourgnon’s time, set more than 10 years ago, Francis will be on stand-by from early April.

‘I shall be on stand-by in New York from early April, waiting for a window in the weather to set sail on an attempt at the Transatlantic crossing record from West to East. It’s a long-standing record, but is also the most difficult one to beat single-handed. It’s very enticing, and this route will also perhaps allow me to tackle the 24-hour solo record.’ A difficult record to beat, as the skipper of IDEC pointed out, ‘Ellen MacArthur has just finished a rapid round the world voyage, and in fact, I thought she would improve on the 24-hour record. In spite of her success, that wasn’t the case, which just goes to show that it’s not going to be an easy matter.’ He also raised his hat to Laurent Bourgnon, who has held on to this record for more than ten years.

Atlantic Record: the important information ? New York – The Lizard route (theoretical distance calculated by the WSSRC): 2925 miles (5417 km) ? Single-handed record: Laurent Bourgnon, Primagaz, 7 days 2 hours 34 minutes 42 seconds (June 1994) ? 24 hour solo record: Laurent Bourgnon, Primagaz, 540 miles (June 1994)