A 30-knot wind weather warning fails to materialise on the penultimate day of the championship 31/8/07

A weather warning predicting 30 knot winds never materialised on the fourth day of the J24 Man Roland European Championships in Neustadt, Germany. Instead races 10 and 11 were both postponed as light, shifting winds continued to dominate.

Race 10 was dominated by 20-25 degree shifts again from the left of the course. Ian Southworth (GBR) got away at the start and lead the pack middle and left. The wind dropped and boats made slow progress before a shift brought the furthest left boats around the outside of the British boat. Southworth again found himself rounding in the late 20s as Jan Hosseman (GER), inPanta Rheinow had the lead, followed byHannes Pagelin Seglershop – both enjoying their best racing of the week.

Third placed Dan Glomb fouled an Italian boat as he made a port approach to the weather mark and took a 20% penalty. Pasquale Di Fraia inBotta Drittaheld fourth place. Continued shifts led to much place changing and Southworth, sailingInmarsat Hedgehog, worked through to finish 6th just behind the Man Roland team inRotoman.

It was grey skies and light rain throughout race 11. Again there was a postponement, then a general recall, followed by a Black flag start. Once the race started, competitors witnessed a number of shifts with lifts and headers of 20-25 degrees across the course. The lead alternated between Gareth Robinson (GBR), Dan Glomb (BRA) and Ian Southworth. Following a tacking duel Glomb split left in a header as Southworth approached the weather mark on a port lift. As he tacked he found himself back in 5th place again.

Per Hakan Persson (SWE) took the lead from Mike Lewis (GBR) and Glomb. Southworth caught and passed Ivo Kok (HOL) to regain 4th on the run, only to loose it at the finish as a shift brought the Dutch sailor through by half a boat length on the line. Boats finished within feet of each other.

Going to the final race, Dan Glomb has a ten point lead on Southworth, who in turn has a 42 point lead on third placed Gareth Robinson (GBR). Robinson commented: “Everynight we say just one more early night, and we are going to have to do it again!” Dan Glomb added: “We love the boat. The J24 gives us the chance to practice with our full match racing crew and to Regatta sail. Its the ideal boat to do both”.