The Multiplast Yard, builders of the first three maxicats to finish The Race, have now launched a new maxitri for French circumnavigator extraordinaire Olivier de Kersauson

As Olivier de Kersauson (ODK)’s new 34m (112ft) trimaran eased out of the shed in Vannes, France in which it took shape, her expectant skipper mused: “It’s like a birth. You are seeing the trimaran outside of the build shed for the first time and discover her in the light of day. It’s a strong moment because the yard has breathed life into a new boat and a new story is just beginning.”

Multiplast designer Gilles Ollier, the same man who penned the lines of the maxicats, carried the newborn metaphor still further: “This boat is of noble birth. Everything ran smoothly between Olivier, the architects and the Multiplast team throughout the year of building. No major tensions, no technical hitches, a true cohesion between all those involved which makes me think that this trimaran stands every chance in her future life as a record hunter.”

Philippe Cahue, the yard’s exhausted foreman, was delighted to see it swing out of the shed and looking forward to a weekend off: “We’re very tired as the last few days of a 12-month long adventure are never easy – all the more so as we haven’t let up since the first catamaran for The Race in April 1999. This launch means so much. It’s both a moment of pleasure, tears and happiness. And there’s also the pride in seeing a job well done.”

ODK’s new trimaran will be moored on the river outside the yard during fitting out before embarking on sea trials. Ollier for one is eager to see how his design fairs on water: “The next moving moment is the day we see the trimaran flying along at 35 knots, her skipper at the helm with a huge satisfied smile on his face.”

ODK himself is warming up for another crack at the Jules Verne record, recently taken from him by Club Med. ODK spent five years and endured a heart attack in gaining that record, he wants it back.