Speed bumps on the Hamble and the Royal Family sponsoring an America's Cup Challenge? It has to be the 365th day of the year

So the Hamble River Authority is installing speed bumps and cameras in the river to make sure boats keep to the speed limit? Full story

And apparently the Royal Family is sponsoring an America’s Cup Challenge via the House of Commons Yacht Club. Revenge of the Mummy film maker announces a second Hollywood VOR Challenge – but the crew are not sure about wearing shrouds in harbour. There’s no wind in Qingdao, next Olympic sailing venue (thought that one was for real). MacDonalds is to be the official sandwich of the next Olympics. Russell Coutts and Dennis Connor are joining forces for an AC Challenge backed by Rupert Murdoch. A bridge is to be built across the Solent. And a species of rare snails has been found and has halted dredging in Valencia.

Is AC legend Dennis Connor entering the Half-Ton Class Europe event? Stephan Claes sent in this link: Full story

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