ISAF reverse last months decision that kite surfers do not set outright speed records

It appears that the ISAF have no choice but to recognise kite surfing records with the same status as other ISAF classes, hence the new outright world speed record over 500 metres is now 50.57 knots.

John Reed the Secretary to the WSSR Council explained: “We have been informed by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) that they will support a decision by the WSSRC to ratify a claim for the Outright World Sailing Speed Record by a Kite-board.”

“In accordance with this, the WSSRC announces the ratification of a new World Record.”

Record: Outright World Sailing Speed Record.
Board: Fone Prototype Speed. Fone Bandit Dos Speed 7sq m kite.
Name: Alexandre Caizergues. FRA
Dates: 4th October 2008.
Start time: 15:35:00.84
Finish time: 15:35:20.06
Elapsed time: 19.22
Distance: 501m
Current: 0.1kts
Average speed: 50.57kts
Venue: Luderitz, Namibia.
Previous record: 2008. Sebastien Cattelan. 50.26 kts

The Council of the International Sailing Federation last month ruled that Kite surfing records could not be recognised as outright records: “Note that at the November Conference 2008, ISAF clarified that a kite-powered craft cannot be recognised as the holder of The World Sailing Speed Record.”

Now it seems that under pressure from all sides including the WSSRC, ISAF has reversed it position.