South Africa leads ISAF Nations Cup after two days 7/9/06

Competitors experienced another thrilling day at the second day of the ISAF Nations Cup Grand Final taking place at the Royal Cork Yacht Club, in association with Failte Ireland, the Irish Sports Council, and Smart Telecom.

The Open fleet took the water with a freshening breeze from the north-west and after the day’s racing the South Africans – the defending team – pulled ahead with an excellent set of results from their four matches in the morning, loosing out to Sweden in the first flight. The second favourites Russia are also well on par with only giving one match away to the USA.

Ireland lodged a red flag protect against Argentina alleging that the Argentinian team were cross winching which has been prohibited in the Sailing Instructions. The jury heard the on the water protest and decided that in Flight 8 Match 1 this race will be re-sailed provisionally for Friday.

In the women’s event Australia is taking the lead. In their last match in flight 9 they came up against the Bermudan team skippered by Paula Levin. Both had an excellent start but the Bermudan team got ahead just after the start however, the Aussie caught up and a tacking duel got underway up to the first windward mark.

As they hosted kites and made their way downwind the Bermudan team were left onto Port and were luffed up past the mark, then the Australians managed to get ahead. The Bermudans gave as good as they got on leg two but it wasn’t quite as good to get past the Australian girls.  “We are delighted with our team work, our hosts and drops are excellent and definitely helping with our late and early drops to help gain any advantage we can” commented Nina Curtis team Australia.

This is the first time the Australian team have sailed together this year. Varying schedules have not allowed the girls to sail together but they all have managed to get some practice on a local members J/24 back in their home club in Australia.

The Netherlands who are also a hot favourite to win the event-found it tough on the water today and did not get the results they would have liked. Ireland on the other hand had a great day on the water beating the Netherlands and Great Britain.


South Africa 8

Russia 6

France 6

Sweden 5


India 2

New Zealand 4

Argentina 5 (*Match 1 from flight 8 scheduled for resail on Friday)

Ireland 2


Women’s event
France 7

Netherlands 3

Denmark 5

New Zealand 2

Australia 8

Bermuda 6

Great Britain 1

Brazil 0

Ireland 4