Paul Elvström, Robin Knox-Johnson and Ellen Macarthur were among first six inductees for the ISAF Sailing Hall of Fame 6/11/07

Paul Elvström, Sir Robin Knox-Johnson, Dame Ellen Macarthur, Olin Stephens, Barbara Kendall and Éric Tabarly were announced as the first six inductees for the ISAF Sailing Hall of Fame at a gala event in Estoril last night.

Many of sailing’s star names together with members of royalty were at the event to celebrate the achievements of the six inductees at a gala dinner and presentation, one of the centrepiece occasions of ISAF’s Centenary celebrations. Over the past 100 years, sailing has seen many heroes and legends, and the ISAF Sailing Hall of Fame has been created to recognize the achievements of those who have made the sport what it is today.

His Majesty King Constantine, ISAF President of Honour and Honorary Chairman of the ISAF Sailing Hall of Fame, said: “The six inductees are all legends of the sailing world and are heroes to thousands of sailors around the world. They represent the very highest level of achievement across various aspects of sailing.

“One hundred years of sailing has created many worthy sailors, but tonight we are here to recognise a few that have made sailing their life. Their achievement has contributed to enhancing, promoting and evolving the sport of sailing, but overall they have amazed, influenced and inspired both on and off the water.”

The inductees were presented with the ISAF Sailing Hall of Fame trophy, – designed by renowned Portuguese artist, Cristina Leiria – by His Majesty King Constantine and ISAF President Göran Petersson. One of the sailing world’s best loved commentators, PJ Montgomery, presided over the Awards ceremony.

Paul Elvström, Robin Knox-Johnson, Ellen MacArthur and Olin Stephens were in Estoril to receive their awards, whilst Jacqueline Tabarly, widow of the late Éric Tabarly, accepted his award. Barbara Kendall accepted her award from PJ Montgomery on film.

ISAF President Göran Petersson paid tribute to the ISAF Centenary and to the array of stars, sailing celebrities and members of Royalty who had gathered for the launch on the ISAF Sailing Hall of Fame. “I’d like to thank you for being here, and I’d like to extend this thanks to everyone – our friends and fellow sailors – tonight is a wonderful celebration to share with you all? 2007 has certainly been a year to remember,” he said.

The ISAF Sailing Hall of Fame has been launched in ISAF’s Centenary year to celebrate sailing achievement, greatness and contribution to the sailing world.

Nominations for inductees were submitted by ISAF members, with the final decision confirmed by the ISAF Executive Committee. The Honorary Chairman for the ISAF Sailing Hall of Fame is His Majesty King Constantine, who is also an ISAF President of Honour.

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