The International 14 world championship starts in Bermuda today

As the temperature drops, the northerly gales sweep the country and the first snows of winter settle on the hills, 25 British International 14 sailor have migrated to Bermuda for the International 14 world championship.

The event starts today (Monday 19 November) with the traditional inter-country team racing (an event which dates back to 1933), followed by the individual worlds starting on Friday. Bermuda has been displaying its famous hospitality already. Apart from Bacardi’s welcome contribution, over 140 sailors and friends are being given free accommodation by RBYC members. With the world’s top International 14 sailors on the start line it’s difficult to predict who’ll up there at the finish but with the likes of champions Kris Bundy/Jamie Hanseler (US), US national champion Zach Berkowitz, Australian national champion Jason Beebe, UK national champion Rob Greenhalgh, or European champion Zeb Elliott, the standard of racing will be top class.