Having taken the lead from Tyco yesterday, illbruck is revelling in the testing Southern Ocean and and now has a 26-mile advantage

Conditions in the Southern Ocean are are getting worse for the Volvo Ocean Race crews. Most of the boats are reporting that conditions below decks are not an awful lot better than they are on watch. The main problem is the condensation for the off watch crews, while they are trying to sleep. “The boat seems to continually develop new places to let the water in.” moaned Nicholas White from News Corp. Richard Clarke from illbruck reported, “I am being dripped on from the constant condensation.”. As for the cold, Grant Wharington confirmed from djuice, “four degrees water temperature, outside temp around 1 degree and then there is the wind chill.”

However, illbruck who took the lead from Tyco yesterday, has now increased her lead to 26 miles from Tyco and Amer Sports One.

Position Report, Day 8, 1554 GMT


2 TYCO (26 miles behind leader)

3 AONE (30 miles behind leader)

4 NEWS (34 miles behind leader)

5 DJCE (76 miles behind leader)

6 AART 80 miles behind leader)

7 TSEB (90 miles behind leader)

8 ATOO (246 miles behind leader)