In the light winds illbruck has nosed ahead in to the lead

In the light and variable winds off New Zealand illbruck, who seems to have the boat speed edge, has taken the lead from Tyco. However, the racing is still close with just seven miles separating the top seven boats.

A high pressure system expected to move in from the west today, so the fleet are in for some more tricky conditions as they head towards the Southern Ocean.

Dodging the high pressure zone however, is forcing the fleet to head further south than necessary and the question is will the extra distance sailed to pick up the wind, pay off?

Position Report, Day 3, 0357 GMT


2 TYCO (0 miles from leader)

3 AONE (0 miles from leader)

4 NEWS ( 3 miles from leader)

5 TSEB (4 miles from leader)

6 AART (6 miles from leader)

7 DJCE (7 miles from leader)

8 ATOO 26 miles from leader)