While Team Tyco – the initial VOR leg 5 leader – struggles to stay out of last place, illbruck is waiting for her chance to take top spot once again

Some amazing place changes have taken place in the last 24 hours of the VOR. News Corp has lost her lead and is now fighting to stay out of last place, and illbruck who was struck and holed by SEB is now just one mile off Assa Abloy’s lead. “We seem to be attracting every black cloud there is” commented Ross Field, navigator aboard News Corp. ‘However, we are now out of the current and once these clouds depart we’ll be on our way.”

Illbruck has made a remarkable comeback and is now preparing for a chance to make an assault on the Swedish yacht’s lead. Tyco, Amer Sports One and djuice are within two miles of each other and the track the yachts are using right now is just 2.5 miles wide.

Position Report, Day 4, 0349 GMT


2 ILBK (1 mile from leader)

3 TYCO (2 miles from leader)

4 AONE (3 miles from leader)

5 DJCE (4 miles from leader)

6 ATOO (9 miles from leader)

7 NEWS (9 miles from leader)

8 TSEB (17 miles from leader)