illbruck is being protested on the legality of modifications made to her Volvo drive leg

Another protest has been launched against the leading yacht in the Volvo Ocean Race, the German entry illbruck. After the first protest regarding Internet access to non-public sites, this time the race committee lodged a protest on a technical issue. On the protest form James Dadd, V.O.60 class measurer wrote:

“It has come to my attention, that illbruck challenge have carried out modifications to their Volvo Penta supplied S-Drive. A weed-cutting device has been attached to the leading edge over the full exposed length of the S-Drive, and filler compound has been added and faired between the blade edge and the S-Drive body. Additionally the oil drain located at the lower end of the S-Drive has been filled and faired to create a single surface area on the S-Drive.

Volvo Ocean 60 Rule 5.4.2 states “Only modifications to specified machinery approved by the chief measurer are permitted. The chief measurer may only approve modification in exceptional circumstances. Modification, which result in lighter specified machinery, will not be approved. All items supplied by Volvo Penta, including engine beds and auxiliary equipment are governed by this rule.”

The above modifications have not been approved by the chief measurer and as such the illbruck challenge no longer complies with the Volvo Ocean 60 Rule.”

A protest hearing has yet to be scheduled. –