illbruck’s protest hearings will take place tomorrow

The hearing of the protests lodged by team Assa Abloy against John Kostecki’s illbruck team over the use of non-public website weather information during the first leg of the VOR, and by the class measurer against illbruck’s illegal modifications to her propeller drive strut, will be held on Friday.

Following a post-race inspection by James Dadd, the V60 class measurer, it was discovered illbruck was using an illegally-modified propeller strut. Under the race rules, competitors are not allowed modify standard issue equipment which includes the sail drive or strut on which the propeller hangs and the engine.

However, according to Dadd a weed-cutting device has been embedded along the leading edge of the propeller strut and, with a filler compound, has been reshaped to enhance its aerodynamics. In addition, they have also reshaped the oil drain area at the lower end of the shaft and added some fairing at the aft end, again to enhance its aerodynamic shape.

Should the protest committee uphold Dodds findings, John Kostecki and the Illbruck team could face instant disqualification from the first leg. The other option would be a time penalty. Either way Dalton’s Amer Sports One team who finished second are looking more and more likely to regain the lead once again.