Francis Joyon's 90ft trimaran IDEC has hit the rocks and been totally destroyed just hours after breaking record

Just a few hours after breaking the outright singlehanded transatlantic record yesterday (see news story here) Francis Joyon was involved in a collision which has totally destroyed his 90ft trimaran IDEC.

Having crossed the finish line off the Lizard, Joyon – still unaccompanied – did a quick u-turn to head back to his home port in La Trinite, France but fell asleep and hit the rocks at Pte de Marc’h at 0100 this morning.

Fortunately Joyon, who was taken to hospital for a check-up, was unscathed but his boat is totally wrecked and is unable to be salvaged. Joyon commented: “The boat is on the rocks and I fear that it is impossible to save it. It is embedded the stems in the rocks with her transom in the air.”

Joyon says they are currently trying, with a high-speed motorboat to release her from the rocks, the operation in the big swell is proving very difficult and he fears that that the boat will end up in 1,000 pieces.