With the overall winners decided the previous day, Chips Howarth and James Grant led the final race of the Fireball nationals from start to finih to take second place overall

The Typhoon Fireball national championship reached its final day on Friday 17 August. Vince Horey and Jon Mildred were event winners with a day to spare, so the next few places were left open to challenge from five boats.

Having won with a day to spare, the new national champions Vince Horey and Jon Mildred sat out the last race. Those who did go afloat enjoyed a 12 knot breeze, Force 4 from the south-west.

Five boats were all in with a chance of taking the runner-up spot and it was Chips Howarth and James Grant who made up for the bad luck they suffered the previous day when their jib halyard snapped. They led the last day’s race from start to finish which gave them a well earned second place overall.

Overall Results

1st Vince Horey and Jon Mildred, 43.8 points

2nd Chips Howarth and James Grant, 47 pts

3rd Andy Smith and James Mildred, 53.1 pts

4th Stevie Morrison and Simon Hughes 57.7 pts

5th Pete Harper and Vyv Townend 69.1 pts

6th Dave Wade andRichard Wagstaff, 78 pts