Organisers of the Velux 5 Ocean Race expect more entries within the next few weeks 17/7/06

The Velux 5 Oceans – formerly known as the Around Alone Race – will kick off from the city of Bilbao on 22 October. So far 10 world-class skippers have already confirmed their entry and, with more competitors finalising their entries, the event looks set to become a world class event in its 25th year.

The race is set to take in Fremantle, Australia, and Norfolk, Virginia (USA) during its three legs, before returning to Bilbao for the race finish, covering 30,000 miles in all over six months. The race has attracted an internationally diverse range of Open 60 and Open 50 skippers, spanning Europe, Asia, Australasia, North America and South America. The race will witness the leading professionals in the world of solo sailing, such as Mike Golding, Alex Thomson and Bernard Stamm, battling against Corinthian amateurs with a steely determination to circumnavigating the globe and beat the best.

For its Jubilee year the race welcomes back sailing legend Sir Robin Knox-Johnston. Nearly 40 years after becoming the first man to ever sail non-stop, single-handed around the world in the Golden Globe, this iconic skipper is set to make a dramatic return to solo competition in his Open 60 Grey Power. Sir Robin is currently completing his qualifying solo trip from the USA to the UK.

Current entry list