Geoff Holt will re-start his Round Britain Personal Everest once the weather settles 16/5/07

Geoff Holt’s shore team report that following Monday’s false start of his Round Britain Personal Everest Challenge on the Solent, Holt is absolutely fine and is now awaiting a more suitable weather window to set off again. See previous news story here. 

With the weather outlook looking pretty miserable over the next few days, the whole crew are taking the opportunity to go through more drills and training.

On his latest blog Holt relayed this message to his supporters: “My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has sent messages of support and to everyone who came to see me off yesterday [Monday]. What started as one of the most amazing days for me ended in personal heartbreak. If you didn’t know already, I became a victim of our own PR interest by the world’s media when the many spectator boats caused a confused sea and with a following stiff breeze, my boat broached across the top of one of the washes from a nearby RIB, it flung the boat around, I overbalanced and found myself face down in the Solent in front of the worlds press.

“Was anyone to blame? Of course not, it was just one of those things that happens and it underlines the importance of having a competent and well-trained team around me. Anyone who has seen the film or read the press will know that I was out of the water within seconds but will be in no doubt that this is a momentous Challenge and one we hope to restart (quietly and with no fuss) in the next few days.

“How do I feel? Well physically I feel I’m fine but a lot of hurt pride. Yesterday was the Team’s big day and it will end up being remembered for all the wrong reasons.

“Those that know me know that my motto is “one day at a time”. That was yesterday, today is today and all of our team are keen to get on with the job.”