With eight wins at yesterday’s Swedish Match Tour in Croatia, Peter Holmberg heads the scoreboard

Peter Holmberg and his Oracle Racing crew notched up eight straight wins in Croatia yesterday (29 May) to take control of the Swedish Match Tour’s ACI HT Cronet Cup.

Their record of eight wins against one loss sits them atop the leaderboard at the conclusion of Round Robin 1. Holmberg commented: “It was a long day that tested boat-handling, teamwork and fitness. Every win today was a credit to teamwork, our bowman (Brad Webb) was just as important as the driver. On top of it all, the guys wanted to give a present to Moose (Mike Sanderson) who’s celebrating his birthday today.”

The final race of the day featuring Peter Holmberg against Sweden’s Magnus Holmberg was one of the most dramatic. Magnus and his Team SeaLife currently sit in second place behind the Oracle team in the overall Swedish Match Tour Rankings.

It was a close match with a spirited pre-start during which Magnus copped a penalty. The Oracle Racing team tracked the Swedes around the course, trying to keep it close while looking for an opening. The Swedish Match Tour leaders found it and passed the SeaLifers as they executed a penalty just before the finish line, crossing the line by less than a metre. Currently in second place is Philippe Presti of Le Defi Areva with an overall record of seven wins against two losses. Not surprisingly, Presti and crew’s only loss of the day was to the Oracle Racing Team.

Jes Gram-Hansen and his Team Marienlyst provided the most excitement on the day. The Danish ‘amateurs’ had eight collisions during the day’s action. In their first four matches alone, Team Marienlyst were assessed eight penalties. They now find themselves in the middle of the pack with an overall record of four wins and five losses.

Round Robin 2 of the Swedish Match Tour’s ACI HT Cronet Cup commences at 1100 this morning.

Round Robin Leaderboard

Peter Holmberg, Oracle Racing 8 wins, 1 loses

Philippe Presti, Le Defi Areva 7 wins, 2 loses

Magnus Holmberg, SWE/Team SeaLife 6 wins, 3loses

Bertrand Pace, Team New Zealand 6 wins, 3loses

Jes Gram-Hansen, DEN/Team Marienlyst 4 wins, 5 loses

Andy Beadsworth, GBR Challenge 4 wins, 5 loses

Tomislav Basic, Croatia 3 wins, 6 loses

Chris Law, Great Britain 3 wins, 6 loses

Paolo Cian, Masclazone Latino 3 wins, 6 loses

Bjorn Hansen, SWE/GOL Sailing Team 1 wins, 8 loses

Round Robin 1 Results

Flight 2

M. Holmberg def. Cian

Pace def. Gram-Hansen

P. Holmberg def. Beadsworth

Basic def. Hansen

Presti def. Law

Flight 3

Beadsworth def. Gram-Hansen

P. Holmberg def. Basic

Law def. Hansen

Presti def. M. Holmberg

Cian def. Pace

Flight 4

P. Holmberg def. Law

Presti def. Hansen

M. Holmberg def. Pace

Beadsworth def. Cian

Gram-Hansen def. Basic

Flight 5

M. Holmberg def. Hansen

Pace def. Beadsworth

Cian def. Basic

Gram-Hansen def. Law

P. Holmberg def. Presti

Flight 6

Pace def. Basic

Law def. Cian

Presti def. Gram-Hansen

P. Holmberg def. Hansen

Beadsworth def. M. Holmberg

Flight 7

P. Holmberg def. Gram-Hansen

M. Holmberg def. Basic

Law def. Beadsworth

Presti def. Pace

Cian def. Hansen

Flight 8

Basic def. Law

Presti def. Beadsworth

M. Holmberg def. Gram-Hansen

P. Holmberg def. Cian

Flight 9

Beadsworth def. Basic

Pace def. Law

Presti def. Cian

Gram-Hansen def. Hansen

P. Holmberg def. M. Holmberg