29ers and 49ers race at London Boat Show on last weekend 17/1/07 

For the second year running the 49ers were invited to race in the dock next to the Excel exhibition centre on the last weekend of the London Boat Show. This year the 29ers were invited as well and a select fleet of 29ers and 49ers took to the water on a blustery damp winter Saturday.
Both fleets were on the water at the same time with a split start. The 49ers went first and some were all treated to an early bath as they learned where all the gusts and lulls were.

The 29ers followed having the advantage of seeing the spectacular capsizes from the vicious gusts and therefore almost being prepared for them. In fact, at one time it looked like all the 29ers had overtaken the 49ers until the 29er fleet also found themselves a victim of the ‘Docklands down draft’.
In the 49er fleet it looked like last years winners Richard Bone and Chris Rodway would dominate the racing after the first race, but they didn’t get it all their own way taking their fair share of dunkings. Mike Senior and Chris Tatersall were always hot on their heels and won the last race. However, it was Bone and Rodway in ‘All Good Fun’ who deservedly took the overall trophy.

It was a truly international fleet for the 29ers. Nonika Oikonouiopovlov and Stelios Noutos travelled from Athens to take part. After a last place in the first race Nonika and Stelios went on to take two first places and the trophy. Henry Maxfield and Dicken Mclean sailed a very consistent series ending up on the same points as the Greeks but lost it on countback.
Overall Results
1st     ‘All Good Fun’     Richard Bone and Chris Rodway
2nd     ‘Vibe’                Mike Senior and Chris Tattersal
3rd     ‘Eits’                    Mark Dell and Paul Dell
4th     ‘237                    Andrew Friend and Thomas Virden
1st    GRE                    Nonika Oikonouiopovlov and Stelios Noutos
2nd    11                        Henry Maxfield and Dicken Mclean
3rd    693                        Andy Wood and Ali McInnes
4th    703                        Oscar McVeigh and John Mather
5th    772                        James Hopson and Sam Coombes