Joe Harris trims over four hours off Kip Stone's Bermuda 1-2 record 13/6/07

Joe Harris sailing his Open 50 Gryphon Solo sailed across the finish line off St Georges, Bermuda yesterday setting a new solo record for the Bermuda 1-2. Harris was competing in Class 5 in the Bermuda 1-2, a race which starts from Newport Rhode Island and finishes in Bermuda.

Recording his own time, Harris finished at 1:37 EDT. His unofficial elapsed time was 62 hours and 37 minutes from his 1100 EDT start on Saturday 9 June 9. The old Bermuda 1-2 solo course record of 66h:57m was set in 2005 by Kip Stone aboard the Open 50 Artforms. The results are unofficial until verified by the race committee.

Winds held through the evening after Harris’s last report to keep him on the record setting pace. As he approached Bermuda he attempted to radio the race committee on VHF, but apparently they were not awake to catch him breaking the record. Joe talked with Bermuda Harbour Radio to advise them of his position as he approached and notified them of his finish. He has now anchored in the harbour to sleep and wait for customs to open in the morning.

He called his winning time to his shore team at about 2:15AM EDT. “I’m sorry to wake you,” he shouted. “I’ve finished, got my sails down and I’m motoring through the cut into St George’s. I tried to rouse the RC, but nobody would anchor. I’m totally stoked about setting this record. I’ll have a solo spot of Jamison to toast my finish and then rack out for some real rest.”