Tomorrow Sir Robin Knox-Johnston's shares his 68th birthday with his boat Saga Insurance 16/3/07

Spare a thought for Sir Robin Knox-Johnston who will celebrate his 68th birthday alone at sea tomorrow 17 March 2007.

On being asked how he feels about it, he commented: “I’m not going to pay too much attention to it. The boat, Saga Insurance, is priority and that’s it. I’ve never been wildly excited about my birthday, I suppose once upon a time they were exciting, but they get less and less so. Everyone keeps banging on about my age, but I just don’t feel old. To have been awarded an ‘Oldie’ and have my birthday all in the same week is not making me feel any younger though! I’m just getting on with it. I’ve got so much more experience now, so that has its advantage. My age doesn’t make any difference. One thing I will of course do, is have a glass of whisky and I’ve got one last piece of my Aunt Aileen’s cake.”

Sir Robin is also hoping to have crossed the equator by his birthday, which will be an important milestone. His birthday will mark Day 62 alone at sea and having rounded the bottom of the globe, crossing the equator marks a return into the Northern Hemisphere, which will be a big relief to him, his team and his family. Knox-Johnston has just over 3,000 miles to go Norfolk, Virginia. His current ETA into Norfolk is the 31 March.