The maxi trimaran is making fast speeds again which should last throughout the Indian Ocean crossing

Relative worry has given way to moderate optimism now. The situation for Groupama 3 hasn’t been very favourable for nearly 48 hours now, with a front dictating the every changing pace, leading to a succession of course changes to try to break through it (read previous story here).
The wind has shifted round to the NW from this morning, a breeze which could push Groupama 3 all the way to the exit from the Indian Ocean. However, given that this particular front is moving very swiftly, Skipper Franck Cammas will have to keep up an average speed bordering on 32 knots for several days. The separation in reference times, which had dipped to an all time low of around 400 miles over the course of Tuesday night, is now beginning to shrink again. Plus, Orange 2 wasn’t very quick at this stage of the Jules Verne Trophy.
“The weather systems are leading us on a fairly N’ly trajectory, but that’s not such a bad thing if we are to avoid the icebergs situated next to the Kerguelen Islands. We didn’t take the risk of plunging further South because we might have found ourselves getting mixed up in a depression to port (and hence headwinds), which really wouldn’t be great! However, our decision to remain here means that we will have to maintain a high average speed in order to stay with this favourable system,” explained Cammas.
“We’ve got a little time to admire the décor, with the colours and light which are unique to this area! The flight of the albatrosses is really majestic too… There wingspan is impressive when they’re flying in front of the bows! There haven’t been a lot of marine mammals though, just two little sharks which got caught up in the foil. With the swell hitting us bow on, we’re not really getting wet, though it is getting colder with the Antarctic wind. We haven’t fired up the heating down below to dry our clothes yet…”
Groupama 3’s log over past week:

Day 11 (11 February): 267 miles (deficit 30 miles)
Day 12: 247 miles (deficit 385 miles)
Day 13: 719 miles (deficit 347 miles)
Day 14: 680 miles (deficit 288 miles)
Day 15: 651 miles (deficit 203 miles)
Day 16: 322 miles (deficit 376 miles)
Day 17: 425 miles (deficit 338 miles)

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