Maxi trimaran Groupama 3 will set off to break own transatlantic record in next 24 hours

On standby since 7 July in New York, the Groupama 3 trimaran – skippered by Franck Cammas – has just switched to code green. Barring a last minute change in the weather forecast, the fastest sailing boat in the world (WSSRC record), will set off on Wednesday night or Thursday morning (UK time) in her bid to break her own Transatlantic Record.

On their arrival at Gateway marina, New York, the crew will climb aboard a trimaran which has been prepared by the shore crew. Franck Cammas explained: “It’s great to get together again. We’re both excited and concentrated. The challenge awaiting us is a sizeable as well as a complicated one. It’s sizeable because driving a trimaran like Groupama 3 to perfection is a real challenge and it’s complicated because we’re going to have to adapt to wind and sea conditions, which will probably be a bit different to those forecast. According to our latest information, the window which is opening up right now is a very good one, with downwind conditions, though we may be forced to drop a bit further South than the shortest route.”

See Groupama 3 under sail during tests in March this year

Weather expert Sylvain Mondon has been analysing the various weather charts: “After being the first sailing boat to cross the Atlantic in under 100 hours at an average speed of 29.2 knots just two years ago, Groupama 3 set a very high standard. To go even faster, we’re really going to need a great trajectory and stay as close as possible to the 2,925 miles which make up the direct route (5,265 km).”

Franck added: “We [the crew] are experienced at quickly finding the right trim and getting the very best out of Groupama 3; it’s the men that make the difference. As such my entourage comprises an exceptional crew, which I’m very proud of. All ten of us are ready to go.”