Franck Cammas and team ready for Columbus Route record attempt 27/3/07

Franck Cammas and his 10-man crew are on standby for an attempt at the Columbus Route record.

As of today until 23 April, Cammas and team, and maxi trimaran Groupama 3 are standing by in Cadiz, ready to commence the Cadiz/San Salvador 3,884-mile sprint in attempt to break the 9 days, 13 hours, 30 minutes and 18 seconds record held by American sailor Steve Fossett since 24 February 2003 aboard maxicat PlayStation.

Chatting about the conditions and the tactics Team Groupama 3 are likely to follow Jean-Yves Bernot, Groupama 3’s weather router said: “This record is rather complicated weather-wise as it is hard to have good conditions for the start and for the finishing at the same time. The best situation for Groupama 3 will be to sail on one tack all the way to the Canaries, where Franck and his crew will have to leave Gran Canaria Island to starboard, the only obligation of the course.

“We are thus waiting for a strong northern wind, between 25 to 30 knots to leave Cadiz. This flow should remain with them until mid-Atlantic, in order to reach the trade winds. The landing on the Bahamas is often characterized by a rupture of the trade winds on the West Indies side. We have to be extremely careful not to get caught in theses low wind systems.”

Franck Proffit, Groupama 3’s shore manager says that the team is currently on Red – nothing to report – and explains the standby, colour coding system:

“Red Code: 120-hour stand-by, nothing to report, no favourable weather, Orange Code: 72-hour – potential departure organised on zone, Yellow Code: D-48-hour – ready to go on zone, followed in the next 24 hours by an Orange or Red Code, otherwise the Green Code takes place. Green Code: D-24- hour – crew is stand-by on zone, departure within 24 hours.”

Groupama 3 Sailing team
Franck Cammas (Skipper/Watch Captain/Helmsman)
Franck Proffit (Watch Captain/Helmsman/Shore manager and responsible for sails)
Stève Ravussin (Watch Captain/Helmsman/Responsible for video, food and stratification)
Pascal Blouin (Boat Captain/Bowman/Responsible for security and mechanics)
Loic Le Mignon (Second Helmsman/Responsible for deck equipment, mast and filming)
Bruno Jeanjean (Bowman)
Sébastien Audigane (Second Helmsman/Responsible for medicals and filming)
Frédéric Le Peutrec (Second Helmsman)
Ronan Le Goff (Bowman/Responsible for video and rigging)
Marcel Van Triest (Navigator)
Jean-Yves Bernot (Onshore router)