Jonathan Gornall who was competing solo in the Ward Evans Atlantic Rowing Challenge has quit due to exhaustion, physical problems and the psychological impact of rowing alone

After a brave and courageous effort to row the Atlantic on his own, as part of the Ward Evans Atlantic Rowing Challenge, Jonathan Gornall has decided to call an end to his crusade.

Jonathan started the race on 7 October from Tenerife with team-mate Dominic Biggs, who quit on 20 October.

Jon has been struggling with exhaustion, bad weather and physical problems such as his right arm seizing up and his hands becoming severely cramped. This has all been in addition to the psychological impact of rowing alone, especially at night.

Jon’s boat, Star Challenger, was stripped of all major equipment and burnt at sea in accordance with maritime regulations on Friday afternoon (18.15 GMT 23/11/01). Jon is now on board a safety vessel and will remain on board until the boat returns to Barbados.

The only other solo rower in the Ward Evans Atlantic Rowing is Debra Veal, from Team 22: Troika Transatlantic, who is valiantly carrying on. As at her last satellite reading (24/11/01 08.03 GMT), she is currently 1,807miles from the finish line and is expected to arrive at the finish line in Barbados in late January 2002. Debra’s partner, husband Andrew, retired from the race on the same day as Dominic Biggs due to lack of sleep and exhaustion. If Debra finishes the challenge she will be the 11th woman to have successfully rowed an ocean, and the 10th to have rowed the Atlantic