Despite the unstable conditions, Olivier de Kersauson's team aboard Geronimo are clocking up the miles as they head south

After two and a half days at sea, Geronimo finds herself in a weird but interesting weather system as she heads south on the second day of her Jules Verne Challenge.

Talking from the boat today, Olivier de Kersauson said: “Conditions are unstable and not really viable, but it’s fun to sail in such a varied range of weather, even if it is pretty tiring. It demands a lot of attention and concentration at the helm and in the way we set up the boat. In just one day, the wind has ranged from 9 knots to 27, and swung around from north to north-east and back to north again. With systems as variable as this, helming isn’t always so simple when the wind moves about so much. But despite all that, Geronimo is a fantastic boat and she’s giving us a lot of fun, although there are a few too many calm patches for our liking.”

It’s now a time of maximum concentration for the Cap Gemini and Schneider Electric crew? but also one of intense activity. On deck, manoeuvres follow one after the other at the rate of twenty or more per day. “The crew is working well”, continued Olivier de Kersauson, “there’s a relaxed feeling and they’re stringing manoeuvres together magnificently – everyone seems happy.”

Positions – Day 2



Number of nautical miles covered in 24 hours: 472.5 Average speed: 19.69

2002 Record


Number of nautical miles covered in 24 hours: 471.7 Average speed: 19.65



Number of nautical miles covered in 24 hours: 388.3 Average speed: 16.18