Olivier de Kersauson's Capgemini - Schneider Electric trimaran Geronimo is getting ready to take to sea again for the start of her Transpacific record attempt

After a long stay in Polynesia since the 8 August, Olivier de Kersauson’s Capgemini – Schneider Electric trimaran is getting ready to take to sea again for the start of her Transpacific record attempt in San Diego.

After setting a new record time for the voyage between Sydney and Papeete, the Capgemini / Schneider Electric trimaran arrived in Polynesian waters on the 8 August, since then she’s had a thorough overhaul to ensure she is ready for the Transpacific crossing (Los Angeles / Hawaii).

Apart from routine maintenance work, such as changing the running rigging and cleaning off the hull, the canted mast anchoring points have been renewed. Since last year, Geronimo has become the only maxi-multihull with a canted mast. This technology based on that used aboard 60ft multihulls and which is intended to improve the boat’s performance, does however, put great strain on the equipment. This work proved to be quite tricky, as it had to be done from inside, requiring the upper surface of the floaters to be opened up to enable the crew to work on the internal structure of the hull.

De Kersauson’s trimaran is due to set sail from Polynesian waters in the coming days to head for San Diego, which she should reach in a fortnight or so. Once there, she will take advantage of the facilities on Shelter Island, which were set up specifically for the 1995 America’s Cup. While the exact departure time has not yet been fixed, it has already been announced that some North American sailors will be joining Geronimo’s French crew with the goal of improving on the 5 days, 9 hours, 18 minutes and 26 seconds set by Bruno Peyron in 1997.