Olivier de Kersauson and team making final preparations for their next record attempt 30/3/06

Geronimo, Olivier de Kersauson’s Capgemini/Schneider Electric trimaran, is gearing up for a new record attempt. De Kesauson and crew will attempt the North Pacific crossing record against the prevailing winds trying to beat the current record that Steve Fossett set in 1996.

During the record between San Francisco and Yokohama Fossett covered the 4525 miles (8400 kilometres) distance between the West Coast of the US and Japan in 19 days 15 hours 18 minutes 09 seconds.

For the attempt Geronimo has been totally overhauled including having the deck fittings completely renewed, and the rails have been removed and replaced. The keel has been sanded down and a new coat of underwater paint in keeping with the North American anti-pollution standards has been applied.