Veteran French endurance sailor Olivier de Kersauson has named his maxitri Geronimo

Olivier de Kersauson’s giant trimaran will finally be called Geronimo, after the famous Apache Indian chief because, like ODK and therefore the boat, she will ‘never give in to anything.’ Mary Tabarly, daughter of Eric Tabarly, was named as the boat’s godmother at the ceremony in Brest.

After a 12-month build at the Multiplast yard, the Van Peteghem/Prévost designed Geronimo will now embark on her record chase, starting with the Jules Verne, held until 2000 by ODK’s SportElec. He believes the boat can complete the course in as little as 55 days.

In the few short weeks since her launch, the boat has completed over 7,000 ocean miles of sea trials, ranging as far afield as Ireland and the Canaries. At no stage did the breeze exceed 30 knots, but impressions so far are entirely favourable.

ODK’s right hand man Yves Pouillaude said: “It’s literally rock ‘n’ roll. As soon as there’s any sort of a seaway, you have to hang on. The boat is fabulous and when all’s said and done, handling is easier than on our old mount (SportElec). It only takes four minutes to hoist the main, whilst on Sport Elec, at the best of times, it needed a minimum of eight.”

Fellow crew Pascal Blouin said: “We’re really safe when working on deck, especially as the forestay is quite far back from the bow, we can work on a solid surface. As for the performance, we really get the impression that we’re flying. Now we’ll have to see what we can do against the catamarans?”

It is possible that Geronimo will have a little competition on her Jules Verne attempt, namely from he first man to break the mythical Jules Verne 80-day barrier – Bruno Peyron. There are rumours that he will race alongside ODK onboard the 110ft maxicat Innovation Explorer, campaigned by brother Loick in The Race.