It's going to be tough but if team Geronimo can average 14 knots over the next 1,000 miles she could still break the record for the Jules Verne

Geronimo is now back up to speed again and in the last 24 hours has covered 405 nautical miles – an average of 16.90 knots. She is currently making the most of the southerly winds that are driving her at over 20 knots and almost directly towards Ushant.

Olivier de Kersauson described the situation in the latest report from the boat: “By tomorrow midday, we’ll be about 1,050 miles from Ushant. That will leave us 71 hours to cover the distance, which in turn means we’ll have to average 14 knots to cross the line in time, but we’re far from certain of being able to achieve that. Nevertheless, the boat can do it. Despite everything we’ve put up with so far, all we need is a little bit of air, but for the moment, we don’t know exactly what we’re going to get. At the moment, the weather for these last few miles of the course seems poor and rather variable.”

Geronimo’s position at 15:00 GMT today (16:00 French time)

36°19N – 33°41W

Distance travelled in 12 hours : 244.66 nautical miles

Average speed over the last 12 hours: 20.19 knots