Quadriplegic sailor arrives in Amble, Scotland on round Britain Sail 10/8/07

Quadriplegic sailor, Geoff Holt, sailed from Berwick upon Tweed to Amble, Scotland yesterday on the latest leg of his attempt to be the first disabled person to sail around Great Britain ( see previous story here ).

Geoff (left) arrived in Berwick Upon Tweed on Wednesday evening and set sail yesterday morning for Amble, arriving at 19:30 that evening. He had not had the best day of the passage so far: “It was a very cold, but fairly uneventful sail,” explained Geoff. “The wind was on the nose quite a bit, making it very frustrating, but other times it was just flat and boring. Not one of my better days, but at least we are on the homeward strait now.”

Geoff, who is paralysed from the breast line down as the result of a swimming accident left Southampton in May, but his progress has been greatly hampered by the bad weather. Now more than half way round, Geoff is hoping for a speedy voyage down the East Coast and back to the Solent. This morning, weather permitting, Geoff will set sail for Hartlepool.