The superfit boys of GBR Challenge have secured their first victory – in the Manakau Half Marathon


It’s a headline we’d like to see more of in 2002/2003 but for the time being, team victory in the Manakau Half Marathon shows that GBR Challenge is the fittest team in Viaduct Basin and that Greg Searle’s fitness program is right on track, so to speak.

Ian Weighell (1h 33m 33s), Jules Salter (1h 34m 36s) and Toby Iles (1h 34m 48s) were the first three Brits to finish and that was enough to secure them the Corporate Team Trophy.

Race directory Kevin Ryan was impressed with the British performance, saying: “They did very well. They are big guys, but they went around the half-marathon no problem. I wonder if the other crews are as fit?”