After a week of racing at Kiel Week Team GBR walks away with three medals

After a week of racing at the Kiel Regatta, Team GBR walks away with three medals. 49er sailors Chris Draper and Simon Hiscocks and Laser sailor Paul Goodison took gold medals, while Helena Lucas competing in the 2.4 Metre won a bronze medal.

As forecast, light and shifty 4-6knt winds dominated the last day of racing at Kiel. Going into the final day there were podium positions still up for grabs meaning that for many sailors, winning the last day’s races meant a position in the top three.

Chris Draper and Simon Hiscocks managed to pull off two top five finishes and put themselves in the lead by a solid 12 points. With some tactical thinking and good boat speed, the pair was able to out-sail their competitors and claim a gold medal. Draper and Hiscocks will now set their sights on performing well at the up forthcoming 49er Europeans. Commenting Draper said: “We are pleased with how we sailed this week. The Kiel Regatta is always exciting. The space is limited, the winds are shifty and it makes for some really good, intense racing.”

In the Laser, Paul Goodison edged out his competitors and ended the regatta in first place overall. After finishing ninth at the Hyeres Regatta and fourth at the Holland Regatta, Goodison took the lead at Kiel and never let first place out of his sight.

Goodison explained: “After such a frustrating start to the season it feels great to finally finish the job and win the regatta. I had a really good series and although I got in some sticky situations, I managed to recover and finish well.”

Helena Lucas brings home the third medal. Winning a bronze in the 2.4 Metre, Lucas knew she would have a tough time catching her competitors but went into the final day hoping to sail well and stay out of trouble. With 24 points over all Lucas sailed consistently throughout the regatta.

Another notable performance was given by Sarah Ayton, Annie Lush and Lisa McDonald. Breaking into the top three on the fourth day of the regatta, the three Yngling sailors were hoping to hold their position. However, Athens Olympic silver medallist, Ukrainian Ruslana Taran and her team, managed to place second in the final race, edging the British team out by a single point. Ayton, Lush and McDonald will now be turning their thought towards competing well at the Yngling worlds in July.

Overall Results

470 Men

1, Michael Anderson-Mitterling/ David Hughes, USA (3,2,3,(6),1,2,12,11,1) 35 pts

2, Sven Coster / Kalle Coster, NED (7,6,5,(11),2,9,5,1,2) 37 pts

3, Dimitri Berezkin/ Alexander Zibin, RUS ((16),12,4,2,1,1,4,5,11) 40 pts


20, Jonny McGovern/ Tom Mapplebeck (2,8,3,8,(14),19,29,26,17) 112 pts

31, Guy Tipton/ Chris Tattersall (10,10,13,(14),12,OCS,23,24,28) 152 pts

470 Women

1, Elise Rechichi/Tessa Parkinson, AUS (1,(OCS),1,1,1,4,4,(5),4) 16 pts

2, Sabine Walter/ Amtje Struckat, GER ((9),1,5,3,4,1,8(16),1) 24 pts

3, Stefanie Rothweiler/ Vivien Kussatz, GER (8,7,4,(10),6,2,(OCS),1,5) 33 pts


10, Melissa Heppell/ Rebecca Marriott ((24),19,20,11,11,(23),7,21,(25)) 113 pts

22, Elizabeth Greenhalgh/ Rachel Larman (21,25,18,8,21,21(OCS),14,(26)) 128 pts


Gold Fleet

1, Chris Draper/Simon Hiscocks, GBR (3,1,1,1,1,(8),(11),3,2,1,1,5) 19 pts

2, Nico Delle Karth / Niko Resch, AUT (4,2(DNF),1,3,2,3,12,1,6,3,6) 31 pts

3, Pietro Sibello / Gianfranco Sibello, ITA (1,1,4,2,4,(5),1,2,5,3,14,(16)) 37 pts


5, Stevie Morrison/Ben Rhodes, (2,4,2,8,5,7,(8),9,10,5,(23),2) 54 pts

11, John Pink/Alex Hopson (6,(15),3,7,2,6,(30),10,24,20,12,3) 95pts

18, Ian Martin/ Ben McGrane ((15),9,10,3,8,8,25,20,17,22,16,15) 129 pts

25, Roger Gilbert/ Olivier Vidal (,9,(16),9,10,14,13,21,26,9,(26),18,23) 153 pts

30, John Wilson/ James Barker (13, 9, 5, 2,(23),19,26,23,25,24,(30),27) 164 pts

Silver Fleet

4, Dave Evans/Rick Peacock (14,(DNC),14,15,11,14,1,6,8,8,(13)) 273 pts

5, Paul Campbell James/Jony Clegg (RDG,20,7,12,13,(25),(15),10,1,9,10) 276.4 pts


1, Gasper Vincec, SLO (2,3,3,1,2) 8 pts

2, Jonas Hoegh-Christensen, DEN (2,6,2,1) 11pts

3, Ivan Kljakovic Gaspic, CRO (3,9,9,3,(21)) 24 pts


10, Ed Greig (8,17,12,15,(20)) 52 pts

26, Ed Wright (BFD, 1,(BFD),4,30) 100 pts

33, Mark Andrews (15,29,(BFD),30,38) 112 pts

41, Matt Howard (BFD, 22,(BFD),14,32) 131 pts


Gold Fleet

1, Paul Goodison, GBR ((2),1,1,1,1,1,2,4,11,1) 23 pts

2, Matias Del Solar, CHI ((12),4,3,2,2,6,3,1,6,3,3) 31 pts

3, Robert Scheidt, BRA (1,2,1,1,(2),1,16,9,4,5) 39 pts


9, Keir Clark (1,12,(17),11,5,13,21,1,15,14) 93 pts

15, Nick Thompson (10,3,10,(20),6,2,14,18,29,18) 109 pts

22, Mark Powell (5,5,4,5,6,(ZFP),45,19,13,31) 131 pts

26,Charles Ballie Strong (14,2,5,1,9(ZFP),38,42,17,15) 139 pts

35, Bruce Keen, (9,14,11,7,14,(15),10,23,32,DNC) 164 pts

41, Stephen Powell (4,13,2,(29),5,22,41,25,35,38) 183 pts

42, James Gray (6,6,3,12,12,(12),44,BFD,43,11) 185 pts

Silver Fleet

8, Luke Breen-Turner (16,25,(28),26,17,8,2,7,11,BFD) 340 pts

18, Andy Brooks (4,11,9,(18),17,17,32,28,BFD,3) 354 pts

24, Andrew Commander (14,16,5,17,(24),ZFP,1,29,BFD,32) 370 pts

Laser Radial

1, Gintare Volungeviciute, LIT (10,6,(14),4,3,2,2,11,8,10,6) 62 pts

2, Paige Railey, USA (1,2,2,(7),1,4,3,7,1,BFD,3) 63 pts

3, Petra Niemann, GER (2,7,1,8,6,19,(20),14,3,5,4) 69 pts


7, Laura Baldwin ((OCS),13,6,7,1,26,2,2,23,16,1) 97 pts

11, Lizzie Vickers ((20),14,5,14,9,17,10,22,11,12,10) 124 pts

20, Andrea Brewster (9,(18),5,1,6,10,7,12,30,31,34) 145 pts

21, Charlotte Dobson ((15),12,8,2,8,3,1,1,OCS,BFD,35) 148 pts

26, Colette Blair (17,18,19,(20),11,5,13,24,33,17,7) 164 pts


1, Ekaterina Skudina/ Tatiana Lartseva/ Diana Krutskina, RUS (3,5,1,(13),2,(16),10,1,1) 23 pts

2, Vlada Ilienko/ Natalia Gaponovich/ Ekaterina Kovalenko, RUS (1,4,2,5,6,(12),1,8,(10)) 27 pts

3, Ruslana Taran/Ganna Kalinna/Svitlana Matevusheva, UKR (8,2,5(10),8,(18),4,2,2) 31 pts


4, Sarah Ayton/ Annie Lush/ Lisa McDonald (7,3,(10),3,5,(10),3,4,7) 32 pts

11, Dom Lindsey/ Diana Shanks/ Fleur Oswald (12,10,11,6,9,(14),8,(15),4) 60 pts

15, Gemma Farrell/ Rachel Howe/ Caroline Bowen ((OCS),14,16,12,(20),2,RDG,14,18) 90.5 pts


1, Heiko Kröger, GER (2,1,2,3(5),1,1,2,(5),2,1) 15 pts

2, Thierry Schmitter, NED (3,2,(3),1,1(6),2,1,2,1,2) 15 pts

3, Helena Lucas, GBR, (1,3,1,4,3,3,5,3,1,(5),(5)) 24 pts


5, Michael Cogswell (6,(13),4,2,2,5,4,6,10,4,(11)) 43 pts

6, Allan Smith (4,(9),6,7,8,7,5,5,4,(10),4) 51 pts