Game Set the leading yacht in the 384-mile Ingles Sydney to Gold Coast race is curently drifting awaiting a new breeze

An overnight westerly drifter has the crew of Game Set crossing the half way point in the 384-mile Ingles Sydney to Gold Coast race becalmed this morning. The boat is currently at Smokey Cape biding their time until the predicted strong northerly arrives later today.

‘We are waiting to see what happens this afternoon but think that we will be punching into it for the second half of the race,” reported skipper Tony Kirby, “We stayed inshore overnight to dodge the current and edge our way up the coast.”

Sailing in the company of Alex, the Victorian Sydney 38 for the majority of the race so far, Game Set has been playing tag with the X-Yachts, Sextant and Cyrene 3 during the night and early morning. “Each time we catch them they catch the next breeze shift and get away from us,” commented Kirby.

Average boat speed for this race has topped at six knots for the Match 38 as they meander their way up the coast towards the finish line off the Gold Coast in Queensland. Positions for handicap in IRC division D have constantly changed with Game Set hoping they can finish in the top end of the division.

Yacht tracker currently has Game Set positioned in eighth position in IRC division D with 175 miles to the finish line.