Freestyle windsurfing season kicks off in Croatia

The Professional Windsurfing Association freestyle tour kicks off its season at a brand-new exciting location at Bol, on the Island Brac in Croatia. The ?20,000 freestyle qualifier runs from 1-5 June. Wind speeds of between 15-20 knots generally picking up in the afternoon through to the early evening, make the Island of Brac the perfect place to start the season. The wind, usually a side shore breeze from the right, should provide excellent bump and jump conditions in waves up to 1m.

The event started in 1999 as a small local competition, but was soon picked up by the international fleet in 2001. British riders competing are Ben Proffitt, Phil Horrocks and Steven Thorp there is also a large South American contingent as is usual in a freestyle comp, Europe is also well represented.

Stay tuned to for the results of the comp as they happen.