Spectacular Skandia Cowes Week fireworks to commemorate Trafalgar 200

This year’s Friday-night firework display promises to be a night to remember. World-renowned fireworks producer, Major Sir Michael Parker CBE has planned and choreographed the entire spectacle and an extra £30,000 (doubling the regular budget for the display) provided by an anonymous donor, should ensure that the night really goes off with a bang! As well as the usual celebrations to mark the final night of the regatta, this year the fireworks will also commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar so we are expecting a truly spectacular show.

Two barges and several smaller vessels will represent the British and French fleets at Trafalgar as a full battles scene commences. You can follow the commentary and music for the display live on Cowes Radio – 106.2fm

The safety of those viewing the fireworks is imperative, and people watching the display from the water should be particularly careful. The usual rules apply – absolutely no flares should be let off, with so many spectators to this show the consequences could be very serious. If you are going to view the display from the water, take it easy at the end of the show when hundreds of boats will be moving around in different directions back to their moorings and as always, drivers must stay sober.

The crowds to view the fireworks usually start assembling at around 4.30pm for a 9.30pm show, so if you’re viewing from land don’t leave it too late to bag your spot. Our top three places to see the action in Cowes are:
1. East Cowes Esplanade
2. The Parade
3. Princes Green.