Winds are expected to top 40 knots as the VOR fleet rounds Cape Horn

With less than 100 miles to Cape Horn, VOR crews are preparing for a wet and wild rounding. Winds are currently in from the west at around 20-25 knots and are expected to back into the north and increase to 40 knots. Once round the Horn the fleet will then have to make the decision whether to take to inshore or offshore route as they pass the Falkland Islands, 350 miles on.

illbruck with around 65 nautical miles to go to Cape Horn has gained another 13 miles on Amer Sports One, in second place, in the last six hours. Tyco, however, has gained on News Corp and with less than one mile separating them, this will make the gains and losses over the next six hours crucial for third place.

Amer Sports Too now has around 660 nautical miles before she reaches Cape Horn.

Position Report, Day 15, 0358 GMT


2 AONE (58 miles from leader)

3 NEWS (77 miles from leader)

4 TYCO (78 miles from leader)

5 AART (104 miles from leader)

6 DJCE (142 miles from leader)

7 ATOO (599 miles from leader)

8 TSEB (830 miles from leader)