Thierry Martinez shot these spectacular photos of Yves Parlier's new Open 60 catamaran 'Mediatis - Region Aquitaine', from a helicopter last Friday

Thierry Martinez shot these spectacular photos of Yves Parlier’s new Open 60 catamaran ‘Mediatis – Region Aquitaine’ (see previous news story here) , from a helicopter last Friday.

According to Martinez the flight from Nantes to Arcachon, where they caught up with the cat on her way to Portugal for her first offshore trial, took an hour and a half.

Martinez commented on the day’s photography: “During the shooting, light was not very good, but again the action make those images the first one showing that revolutionary catamaran flying around 23-27kts with 18kts of wind. That boat look like a small brother of ‘Team Philips’ with one mast on each hull. Yves ‘s crew set up a headsail only on one mast. Acceleration is very impressive. She looks easy to sail, but wet like a Hobie Cat.”

Apparently the weather conditions in the helicopter on the way back became so bad that Eric the pilot decided to land for the night in Royan. Conditions improved the next day and they were able to complete their journey home.

Photos copyright Thierry Martinez