Sail Oman have completed their circumnavigation onboard the old B&Q/Castorama

The offshore racing multihull Musandam – which once sailing under the colours of B&Q/Castorama – has succeeded once again in circumnavigating the globe.

its previous skipper Dame Ellen MacArthur said: “This is an incredible achievement for Mohsin who a year ago had never stepped on board an offshore racing multihull before and now he is the first Arab to circumnavigate the globe. Mohsin and the entire Musandam crew are to be congratulated.”

Mohsin Al Busaidi, who grew up in Al Khoud, north of Muscat said: “I am so happy, so proud for my country, it has been the most amazing experience of my life. Although the voyage has only taken 76 days, I have loved sailing and the sea for a long time. This round the world journey has been the key focus for the newly formed Oman Sail project and we wanted to show quickly what could be achieved to inspire others.”

Musandam arrives in Muscat

Start/finish:Muscat, Oman
Boat:Musandam 75-foot trimaran
Distance:24, 287 nautical miles (44, 979 kilometres )
Average speed over ground:13.3 knots
Total journey length:76 days, 1 hour, 12 minutes, 42 seconds

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