Hamble Misfits win last Sunday's Spinnaker Freezer team racing event 31/1/06

Hamble Misfits won the annual Spinnaker Freezer team racing event held on 29 January 2006. The event, designed to promote three-boat dinghy team racing amongst clubs in the RYA South Region, attracted six teams, mainly from Hamble River Sailing Club and the hosts Spinnaker Club, based at Ringwood. Although it wasn’t quite freezing, the strong breeze and associated wind chill made this an event for hardy sailors only, with a couple of teams pulling out on the Saturday night after sneaking a look at Sunday’s weather forecast.

The event was run as a learning experience with all competitors taking home some new found knowledge at the end of the day. For example several sailors are now very competent at righting a capsized Firefly and all have a better knowledge of the racing rules.

Hamble Misfits, despite a few dodgy moments, eventually won every one of their 10 races to take first place. The fight for second place was between Spinnaker Elders and Spinnaker Youth with the Elders finally coming out on top. The other three teams Hamble Heros, Hamble Hedgehogs and Spinnaker Youth 2 enjoyed the close racing, each team winning at least two races.

The day was superbly managed by the committed team of Spinnaker volunteers led for the event by Rob Sherrington. The organisers rattled through the 30 races allowing the boats to be packed up in the last of the sunshine before a welcome cup of tea in the clubhouse.

Overall Results

1st Hamble Misfits

Barney Smith, Laura White, Mark Chisnell, Pippa Wilkinson, Graham Tullett, Jane Hudson

2nd Spinnaker Elders

3rd Spinnaker Youth