It's that end of term feeling as Firefly has less than 200 miles to go

Forecast for next 24 hours, NW 4-5

Posn 49 05N 05 52W Distance logged 1,153nm Distance to go 189nm Day’s run 177nm BS 7.5 knots Baro 1019 rising Wind NW 4-5 Course 058M

James reports

We are beginning to get demob happy on Firefly today with our distance to go below 200 miles. The Channel West chart has come out and we even began marking up the tidal atlas. We are currently just west of a line between Lands End and Ushant and equi-distant from each.

The NW wind remains constant at around 15 knots giving a boat speed of 7.5 knots and the computer is suggesting an ETA late tomorrow evening – just over 8 days for 1300 miles, averaging 6.8 knots.

None of us can remember spending over 1000 miles on one tack and it looks likely we’ll arrive in Lymington without making any major course corrections – 058M all the way.

I’m not allowed to talk about eating habits but may I tell you about fishing. We landed a big tuna yesterday – about 2.5 feet long – which I thought would make good eating. Captain Cantankerous, however, said it was the wrong sort and threw it back – the fish looked quite insulted!

From Firefly in the mouth of the Channel, Ciao!