Firefly is making good speed with only 366 miles left to sail to Lymington. Their current ETA is Friday evening.

The next few days’ forecast indicates that the wind will gradually veer into the North and be between Force 3 and 5. Firefly is currently sailing undercanvassed as the first and second in-boom reefs have jammed up so it’s either full sail or three reefs.

Posn 47 28.2N 9 37.7W Distance run 966nm Distance to go 366nm Day’s run 163nm Baro 1013 steady Wind speed NW 4-5 Boat speed 7 knots ETA Friday evening

James reports: The light airs of yesterday have been replaced with a firmer Force 4-5 and we are sailing at 7 knots with triple reefed main (see above) and full headsail. The lengthening days as we edge north gave us more time yesterday to celebrate passing the half way mark. We began by joining the crew of Ayesha, Libby Purves and Paul Heiney, who are competing in the return leg of the Azores and Back Race, for cocktails over the VHF.

They had been close all day but as the wind freshened they slipped behind and were out of sight by the evening. After supper, the public discussion of which is now banned (‘buttheads please note!), we were invited to a soiree in Captain Courageous’s quarters. Here we shared a glass of wine before settling down to night watches with the last of the light in the sky.

This morning the sun rose in fiery splendour amongst the eastern clouds but it is now overcast and threatening to rain. With an ETA of Friday evening we hope to see you all soon! Ciao.