With 30 knot winds from the NW, Firefly and crew are being battered by big seas

Posn 42 37.9N 18 40.1W 24 hour run 185nm Wind 30 knots NW Baro 1003 Seas 5 – 7m Sailing at 8 knots under double reefed main, no jib

James Jermain reports

Firefly is sailing under reduced canvas with winds for the last 24 hours being F7 – 8 from the NW. Cooking is difficult, needing two people just to grill toast but Chef Courageous (Robert) has just achieved a minor miracle and lifted our spirits by producing bacon sarnies.

I am in some pain with bruised ribs having fallen across the cockpit when we were knocked down to 80 degrees early this morning but I do not think anything is broken.

In the meantime we are looking forward to lighter conditions (see forecast below) and keeping our spirits up by reading anything except Heavy Weather Sailing.

Meteo France forecast

NW 6-8, falling to 5-7 and 4-6 later. The outlook for the next few days is better as a new High builds.